In a tight labour market having the right team in place is more important than ever.

Recruitment, or Talent Acquisition as it’s widely called these days, is more than just ‘filling roles’ – you can gain a competitive advantage from finding the next star who can support the long-term success and performance of your business.

The current challenge is gaining access to the talent who can take your business forwards.

The keys to attracting talent include having:

  • A clear value proposition of what the opportunity provides;
  • A clear outline of what the culture and values of the organisation are;
  • Clearly defined responsibilities and a pathway for growth;
  • A robust and personalised assessment and interview process.

Finding talent is the number one pain point for most business owners – another key pain point is dealing with and managing poor recruitment decisions. Getting the recruitment decision right is an absolute necessity in the current market.

For most business owners this process can be time-consuming, challenging and daunting. As such, businesses will tend to outsource this process to recruitment firms. This process can work well at times – but it can also transactional.

Our approach is different – we are committed to partnering with you and supporting you as though we were part of your internal People & Culture team. This means getting to know you, your business and your culture as part of the process.

“We’re driven to get you the best candidate with a ‘client first’ approach rather than just getting an outcome,” said Tahlia Fergusson, Associate and Senior Adviser in People & Culture Consulting.

Our background in organisational psychology and HR ensures we adopt a tailored and structured approach to recruitment – ensuring strong candidate management as well as guiding you in your selection decision.

“We cut through the noise to provide an efficient yet rigorous approach to ensure you get the right person for your team,” said Tahlia.

We can also support you as your requirements need which means we can offer select services such as psychological testing, supporting the interview process, or we can offer full end-to-end recruitment.

“Our team has extensive human resource and organisational psychology experience to support you in selecting the right candidate,” said Tahlia.

If you need help with any of the following, speak to our People & Culture experts on 1300 190 380 or email

  • Job ad and position description;
  • Candidate search & select;
  • Interview coaching or participation;
  • Psychometric testing;
  • End-to-end recruitment (full process).