Growing is a process

We work with your team through every stage, beginning with understanding what you have in place, and your current metrics, followed by strategic planning to understand your needs across all the key elements of growing a business,

Our staged approach looks something like this:

Stage One – Discovery

  1. We place a peg in the sand. We work with you to complete a comprehensive Risk & Value Driver Assessment to understand where you are now and where the gaps are against industry benchmarks.
  2. We undertake an initial Strategy session to help create clarity and alignment around what needs doing to build a better business. This comprehensive process is designed to build your competitive advantage and map pathways to achieving outcomes that will make a significant difference.

Stage Two – Review & Action

We run key business reviews to uncover risks to the business and impediments to growth. We then partner with you to plan the implementation phase, with regular check-ins along the way to monitor progress.

This can include:

A Financial health check*: Building or reviewing budgets and forecasts to support the strategic planning process. Reviewing legacy systems and recommending new options to improve efficiency. Implementation of ongoing monthly/quarterly meetings for reporting on budget and progress.

A People & Culture health check: A review and gap analysis of your existing people and culture structures, strategies, and practices. We look at workforce planning, your culture, performance management and accountability, and leadership succession, all through the lens of our key drivers, to Engage, Protect, Build and Sustain. We identify risk and challenges and provide recommendations and analysis in a strategic roadmap to enhance your people and culture practices.

A Technology/security health check: A process of evaluating the overall state of your technology infrastructure and cyber security defence strategies. We review technology infrastructure (cloud and onsite), policies and procedures, to identify vulnerabilities and risks, and highlight areas for improvement.

Implementing Marketing as a Service – ongoing delivery of marketing deliverables to support Strategic Planning objectives.

Quarterly Strategy sessions to monitor progress towards Accomplishment and determine any gaps in implementation. We partner with you to achieve your growth objectives.

* Strategic Accounting services will be provided by Hood Sweeney Pty Ltd ABN 30 007 696 595.