Strategy & Accomplishment

In the fast-paced business environment, few business owners and executives find time to read, let alone develop a plan. We can help your business build a clear, succinct strategy to define what success looks like for your business.

How it works

Our proven strategic planning process is underpinned by the belief that to be ahead of the competition your business needs:

  • A clear and simple plan – supporting where the business wants to go;
  • An understanding of how you are going to win in your chosen niche or market;
  • A culture that is linked to the plan;
  • Clear, consistent, and congruent language and
  • A rhythm and platform – that allows your business to track and monitor progress of the plan.

Personal Effectiveness, Development and Leadership (PEDaL) Program

Step up and be the leader your business deserves.

Our exclusive PEDaL program inspires commitment to improving personal productivity, influence and leadership. With a combination of abstract learning, contextual application, and experiential reflection PEDal is designed to accelerate leadership. By developing a unique, individual PEDaL LAP Plan (Learn Apply Perform) each week, the aim is for each PEDaL participant to extend strengths that are already serving them well, challenge the status quo of limitations that
may be holding them back, and take active steps to start living more effective working and personal lives.

Download the PEDal Brochure here.

Contact Simon Starr or Martin Pike for more information.

BluePrint for Growth

Accomplish your Growth Ambitions.

Blueprint for Growth is a unique offering from Blue Jam designed to accelerate your business growth pathway.

Our one day growth plan offers a step-by-step guide on how to fast track growth. Consider this: How will your business win against competition now and into the future? As a leader, learn how to to develop a growth story that looks towards the future.

The program will be particularly valuable for:

  • Open-minded business owners who are keen to access the skills, experience and networks of our growth facilitators.
  • Change champions looking to drive new performance standards and unlock the value from accomplishing key business objectives.
  • Growth-minded senior executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to drive impact, achieve revenue goals, and align their teams.

Download the Blueprint for Growth Brochure here.

Contact Simon Starr or Martin Pike for more information.

Lead Advisers

Simon Starr
Director, Strategic Facilitation
Martin Pike
Senior Adviser, Strategic Facilitation