Strategic Accounting

There is nothing like an outside perspective, a fresh set of eyes and an independent source to give you an honest analysis of your business and its financials.

Through our transparent communication, our advisers can help you plan for growth and lean into the hurdles your business may face along the way.

Sharing the journey can ease your stress and sharpen your focus; it can also open the door to our professional networks if, for example, you need access to capital (such as equity, grants, or debt) or other professional services.

How it works

We will meet with you regularly to provide holistic advice; we can help you understand the key financial drivers in your business and find opportunities for growth.

We can also serve as the missing link between your finances and the business itself, guiding you on the impacts of the business on your goals.

Through Blue Jam we can offer you services, including:

  • Analytics & insights;
  • Capital raising advisory;
  • Efficiency reviews;
  • Financial monitoring
  • Financial strategies;
  • Growth planning;
  • M&A advisory;
  • Outsourced CFO;
  • Preparing a business for sale;
  • Restructures;
  • Succession Planning and
  • Valuations.

*Strategic Accounting services will be provided by Hood Sweeney Pty Ltd ABN 30 007 696 595.

Lead Advisers

Louisa Andreucci
Director, Strategic Accounting
Marcus Staker
Director, Strategic Accounting
Dion Carbone
Director, Strategic Accounting