Let Blue Jam’s Marketing as a Service team review your marketing and communications systems to assess how they are helping or hindering your growth.

We’re offering an introductory opportunity for a detailed review of existing marketing channels, including recommendations for areas of improvement.

Our review includes a sweep of your website and social media platforms, as well as your collateral. We’ll consider your overall market persona to see how it aligns with your growth objectives.

What to expect

Our specialised team conducts a thorough exploration of your internal marketing & communications ecosystem. Our assessment spans everything from social media to messaging and brand, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and optimisation of your current and future marketing and communications requirements.

The review will result in a list of key recommendations. You may wish to action some recommendations internally, or we offer full service as your outsourced Marketing team. Let’s start with a review and see where it leads.

Marketing Review investment – $2,500 plus GST

Get in touch today to book your review. The offer is valid through 29 February 2024.

How we can work with your business:

  • Lead Your Internal Marketing Function
  • Strategic Communications
  • Digital & Social Media Advisory