Are you thinking ahead about what you’ll do to win in your market of choice in 2024?
Do you have a strategy and a plan to accomplish it?
Are you and your business leaders on the same page when it comes to thinking strategically?

Join one of our ‘group strategy workshops’ to run across two days to cement your answers to some of these questions. Our proven strategy facilitators have started, run, and exited  their own successful businesses and helped hundreds of others to build strategies for business growth and success.

During the workshop, led by Simon Starr and Martin Pike, your team will:  

  • Learn to implement proven business strategies;
  • Learn how to build an organisation that can sustain growth;
  • Learn to think strategically;
  • Learn to lead your team on the growth journey.

Why a group session with various businesses in other industries?
We want you to leverage the knowledge in the room, from your own management team and others. You will hear how others approach business problems and their strategies. You’ll also get instant feedback on your ideas.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the goal is for you to have a roadmap for accomplishing your core strategic objectives.

To find out more about joining a two-day workshop, email Strategic Facilitator Martin Pike at